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About Dominique

I’m a college student studying finance and international studies. I have had a passion for traveling since I went on my first trip abroad when I was 15 years old! I take pride in sharing my real and genuine life experiences with my readers. My reason for writing on this blog is to impact each of my readers in any way I can.I strive to create content that genuinely helps my readers lives, whether it is by sharing how I have made it through some of my tough times (how I am dealing with losing the most significant person in my life), simply through helping readers find their individual personal styles, helping you find the best makeup product to make you feel beautiful, offering advice regarding traveling and more.


I started this blog, DomBagnoche.com in early December of 2016. This blog started as a way I could share with others my life experiences by revealing my interests, strengths, weaknesses, rials, and tribulations following the loss my best friend and mother. She inspired me in so many ways and encourages me still to run this blog and to always do the things I love regardless of what they are. You can begin to understand how my mother further inspired my love for a lot of things in life such as fashion, seeing new places and attempting new things; by reading this post containing the eulogy I read at her funeral.  As well as reading A Birthday Tribute I wrote for her two months after that further demonstrates where my passion in life and motivation comes from.

I’ve always enjoyed all things creative, but I will admit it is always been a weakness of mine finding one specific hobby, major, job, etc. that I feel is the absolute right fit for myself. Although, I no longer look at this as a weakness. So if you have ever felt this way, you are not alone.

Since starting this blog I have been able to use a wide variety of skills I’ve gained during college. As well as implementing social media strategies from experience I gained solely from enjoying social media previously.I have no idea what I will be doing in a year from now and where I will be but I think that is actually a pretty beautiful thing at this time in my life.

I am thankful you’ve read this long on my page. I hope this means that you are going to stay connected with me as I continue on through my journey in life.