5 Easy Ways to Make it Through Midterms

5 Easy Ways to Make it Through Midterms and Lower Stress Levels During Exams

If you’re a college student like myself, then most likely you too, will be entering the time of the semester that's full of midterms and projects that feel like they all came out of nowhere. Naturally, this generates high levels of stress.

Therefore, I am sharing five easy ways to reduce your levels of stress during mid-term exams. These suggestions can benefit any college student; as all of these routines are things to do outside of the library or your preferred place to study.

1. Don't Pull Overnighters


Despite the common trend of college students "pulling overnighters" to cram for exams even if it seems like your only option at the time remember a lack of sleep restrains your ability to absorb the material and concentrate; which can cause you huge problems when it's exam time.

2. Don't Skip Meals & Eat Healthy Food


It's easy to miss meals when you are stressed; especially if you are spending hours studying.However, depending on the type of person you are; it's possible you eat more when you are stressed, and fast food is usually the quickest and easiest way to satisfy this need. I go back and forth between these two scenarios; therefore my best tip is to make a list and go to the grocery store PRIOR the week of Midterms so you lots of healthy food easily accessible.

3. Remember H2o is Your Friend

Drink More Water

Coffee and energy drinks are more popular during exam weeks, but try to make yourself drink at least one bottle of water for each caffeinated drink you have. (Obviously, more than one is better)

4. Take a Walk


Taking a walk and taking in fresh air is an excellent way to de-stress. Take a walk instead of driving/taking the shuttle to school, leave the library and walk around campus, it doesn't matter. During this week of heightened nerves & stress, fitting a pleasant walk or a two can help you relax. Doing this can assist in studying becoming slightly more relaxed.

5. Do Something Fun with Friends

with friends

You have to unwind in some way during midterms, and you shouldn't do this alone! Now I'm not telling you to binge-drink your worries and stress away, but a glass of wine or a couple of beers with your close friends can boost your mood. Better mood, happier you; which is the most important thing, not your exam grades.

Remember your mental health and well-being come before everything else! (Not saying you shouldn't care about studying or college because that would be hypocritical of me.)



As I continue to move forward in my college career, I am learning the importance of taking care of yourself and realizing that a grade doesn't define your intelligence level; which means do not beat yourself up over any exam grades!

Keep Calm and Good Luck!