Instagram Photo Ideas that Always Work

How To Rock Being Basic on Instagram and Get the Likes Your Feed Deserves

These Instagram photo ideas are all picture ideas that tend to do really well on Instagram. I really don't know why they do well and look good on the gram, they just do! :) Yep a lot of them are what people call "basic" but clearly, that didn't stop me from writing this post. It doesn't really bother me and it shouldn't bother you either! I'm just helping you out with your feeds and sharing my careful observations.

instagram photo ideas

Here are some Instagram theme ideas! And below I have given 10 examples of individual photos :)

Instagram photo ideas you can create that work


1. A Picture with a Puppy

There's no way a picture of an adorable puppy could go wrong :) Who doesn't instantly press like when they see a puppy??



2. The classic steering wheel picture when your nails are on point

I don't know why these pictures always do well on Instagram, they just do. And this picture is so easy to take!


3. Photo of You Walking into the Ocean

There's probably a variety of reasons as to why these pictures do extremely well. Regardless, the ocean looks beautiful on any feed.


4. The Classic Hand Holding Picture

Just because you're single doesn't mean you can't do this one. I took this picture below with my best friend :)


5. A Snap of Any Colorful Drink

There is something about colorful & pretty drinks that people like. I was pretty lucky in this photo having the Starbucks Pink Drink made it too easy.

6. A Picture of your Brunch

Hopefully, if you take one like this you aren't like me, I never get good shots of food on the first 10 tries at least.


7. Take pictures of things in your House

You might think that you have absolutely nothing to take photos of, but sometimes it's as simple as getting out your favorite record and Birkenstocks.


8. Any photo with anything Marble in it

Marble just looks so clean and nice in pictures.


9. Any pose that you can look off to the side in

Idk why this is such a thing but I find myself doing it constantly. It's also easier than trying to "smile for the camera" especially if you aren't in a great mood


10. Flowers

Flowers are so simple yet I still love seeing beautiful pictures of them and I know a lot of others do as well :)


Yes, it does help if you have awesome friends that will constantly take candid pictures of you.

I am that friend but I'm also lucky for the friends I have as well. BUT, a lot of my pictures and a lot of huge Instagram accounts take their pictures just by themselves!  Regardless these pictures should spark your creativity in one way or another, or you can literally just copy any and all of these Instagram photo ideas.

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