Light Blue Lace-Trim Babydoll Dress

Summer Dress

Outfit Details 

This bohemian vibe crochet dress is such a great casual yet cute dress for summer. It can easily be worn during the day or during nighttime events, indoor’s or outdoor’s.  I am loving this shade of light blue! It’s showing up in a variety of collections this summer season.

You can see in the photo below that this babydoll dress ties in the back. This design with the tie’s in the back of the dress help to add extra shape to the dress and it really makes the dress more unique. By the way, have I mentioned how comfortable this dress is?! I literally chased my puppy, Teddy, around for an hour in this babydoll dress.

Summer Dress Summer Dress

You can probably tell by now that I am in fact barefoot in these pictures.

I took these photos this way because the whole evening I wore this dress, I really was barefoot hanging outside with a few friends. It would’ve been simple to put a pair of shoes on to take some pictures, literally two seconds, but something about taking and posting pictures barefoot felt right and more genuine. (I know I’m getting a little too deep, we are talking about my feet.)

Summer Dress

The Dress

// Similar Style & Another One

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  • Millie

    Love this dress! I think I had seen it on your blog earlier this week and you were holding Teddy. I’ll be honest, I was more focused on him at the time. 🙂 The dress is gorgeous though, especially the color. Dominique, you really do need to be doing some modeling! You’re just gorgeous and we (myself and 13 yr old daughter-almost 14) love your blog so much!
    Keep up the awesome job. You always make us smile.

  • Millie

    Dominique, I just clicked on the link and it went to Macy’s. The dress on there is called Blue Belle, I believe, and looks much darker than yours. Did you get yours from Macy’s? If not, can you share where you purchased it?

    • The photo on the website makes it look much darker than it truly is because my dress is the in the color blue belle that you found on Macy’s. I am looking at the photo on Macy’s website right now and comparing it to the actual dress, and the real color is at least two shades lighter. I checked the tag’s from this dress and it definitely says Bluebell as the color for my dress in these photos I posted!

      Thank you so much! Yes, I did post a picture with Teddy earlier this week, he’s cuter than me so I understand!! It really means the world to me that you both read my blog together. I’m 21 years old and I still remember being 13 years old doing fun things with my mom, there some of the memories that keep me positive and happy today. I love that you two have a strong relationship because really, a bond between a mom and daughter is unlike any other. Thank you for making me smile, this was just what I needed this evening 🙂 More than you know! Xoxo, Dominique <3

  • These photos are so pretty! I love the gold lighting! 🙂 The dress is so gorgeous too! Babydolls are definitely one of my favorite dresses to wear in the Summer!

    xo, Chloe //

  • Alyssa

    Girl, this color is absolutely stunning on you!! And these photos, just gorgeous! I really enjoyed reading this post!!

    Alyssa ||

  • the dress is so pretty and your hair is beautiful!

  • Gisel

    That dress is just too cute! I especially love how breezy it is – perfect for summer!

    Gisel |

  • Very adorable! That color is great on you especially with your hair!
    Riva |

  • Such a beautiful dress!

  • Millie

    Getting ready to purchase it for my daughter and myself. Thanks for clarifying that it was the correct dress/color! Love it!

  • <3 <3 <3 you are so cute!!!