About Me

I am Dominique Bagnoche.

I share my life experiences with you to encourage you to make the most out of your own each day.

I am embarking on this journey to share with the world my lifestyle by revealing my interests, strengths, weaknesses, trials, and tribulations through continued blog posts following the loss my best friend and mother, who gave me the inspiration to begin this blog.

Life is weird and hard, but I believe it’s up to you to find beauty in the ugliest of days. I believe you have the potential to control your own happiness. Embracing the small things the world has to offer can change your life. I have decided to showcase my continually occupied thoughts and experiences through writing. I’m also a student in the Kelley School of Business studying finance and international studies.

Hence, I present to you, my life. ♥

You can begin to understand how my mother further inspired my love for fashion, seeing new places and attempting new things in My tribute to My Mother I read at her funeral as well A Birthday Tribute I wrote for her two months after that further demonstrates where my passion in life and motivation comes from.

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