Cenotes in Mexico

Visiting Cenotes throughout the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico is a must if you plan on traveling to the area. 



I stayed in Playa Del Carmen when I visited these cenotes however, you could easily visit these cenotes if you are staying in Cancun, Tulum, or other surrounding areas.

A cenote is an underwater sinkhole, some of the cenotes in Mexico have very small openings with caves and some are more open like lakes. There are over 6000 cenotes in Mexico, there is definitely one for everyone ~

I'm sharing everything you need to know about my experience at two of the most (if not the most) beautiful cenotes in Mexico.

Cenote Dos Ojos

cenotes in mexico with tucker ray

cenotes in mexico with tucker ray

The first Cenote, Dos Ojos, is one of the most popular cenotes to visit in Mexico. Dos Ojos is about 45 minutes away from Playa Del Carmen and 15 minutes away from Tulum.

  • It's open daily from 9 am to 5 pm

  • Tickets cost around $16 USD

  • Dos Ojos is very busy all day long: the best times to visit would be the first hour it's opened and the last hour before it closes.

I went during a very busy time, 2 pm and it was sooo crowded; hard but not impossible to swim and get pictures.

  • The water is incredibly clear and refreshing here.

  • Dos Ojos has two separate "eyes" that you can explore.

  • There are steps leading down to the Cenote where you can jump in to swim, snorkel, or scuba dive, (this cenote is much deeper than most).

  • You can rent snorkeling equipment at the entrance.

There are also two other cenotes located right around Dos Ojos. You can purchase tickets to just Dos Ojos or to all of the cenotes, I only had time for Dos Ojos but a lot of people were visiting the other two cenotes there.

cenote dos ojos

cenote dos ojos

Grand Cenote

Grand Cenote is located in Tulum and is another one of the most famous cenotes in Mexico, so this cenote gets extremely crowded all day long.

  • It cost's $10 per person to enter the cenote

  • There are very shallow areas to stand with soft sand

  • You will have to take a shower before entering the Grand Cenote, it's a rule they have in order to keep the natural freshwater clean.



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There is a garden at the Grand Cenote with palm trees and water lilies as well as a platform for sunbathing.

A lot of people brought towels and blankets and laid in the sun here, it looked very relaxing and peaceful to me :)

Early in the morning when it opens would be the best time to visit Grand Cenote to avoid crowds, I was only able to visit during the hour before it closed. It was very crowded but with patience, I was able to get some photos.

However, I wish I would've gone in the morning to get the best pictures possible and swim with fewer people so I would advise that :)



For the first 40 minutes I was here I was swimming around and taking pictures by the first side of the cenote, which didn't really look like the Instagram pictures I had seen prior to visiting.

BUT 10 minutes before the cenote closed I realized there was an additional entrance and that was where the shot I had seen all over Instagram was taken.

GRAND cenote

GRAND cenote

If you have any additional questions or thoughts, comment below or message/email me! 

XOXO, Dominique