10 Ways to Make It Through Finals Week

How you can make it through finals week!  Finals week is coming whether we are all ready or not. Listed here are methods and habits that every college student can utilize to make it through finals week to the best of their abilities successfully.

Finals Week

      1. Focus on the things you can control during finals week-
  1. If you fail one exam, you shouldn't let that effect the next exam you take, it's important to move forward through the week.
  2. Get An Adult Coloring Book (or a children's coloring book) it really doesn't matter!

    Even if this idea seems a little silly, coloring truly helps me calm down during stressful times and lifts my mood. This coloring book from Urban Outfitters here is the bestselling 642 Things to Draw book and it is my absolute favorite~ coming from someone who isn't the best artist.

    Urban Outfitters Coloring Book

  3. Become and Stay Organized

    Try and decide everything you need for finals week before the week starts, it'll be one less thing on your list. For example: snacks, coffee, water, bubble bath for stressful nights (hopefully this one relates to people other than myself)

  4. Do Everything You Can to Not Pull An All-Nighter

    I am guilty of this sometimes, but I know that it is nearly impossible to retain information when I am running on no sleep. I don't like hypocrites and therefore I will not be one, No all-nighters for me this final week and I hope you do the same!

  5. Study With Groups

    Studying with other's can help you get back on track during finals week when you've completely lost your motivation, or you get completely lost in the course material.

  6. Don't Multi-Task

    Determine the studying/papers you must get done and finish those tasks before you start anything new. Multi-tasking can be dangerous especially when it turns into looking at memes on Twitter for over an hour :-)

  7. Reward Yourself

    It may seem silly to reward yourself during finals week, but you have to keep yourself happy and confident somehow! And it's not likely studying like crazy will do that for you otherwise, I doubt you would be reading this post.

  8. Don't Be So Hard on Yourself

    It's important to try hard and remain focused, but at the end of the day whatever happens, happens and it's not going to make change your life significantly if you don't let it!

  9. Determine what material you need to study

    Spend more time on material that is more difficult for you and less on the material you are more confident in.

  10. And always Remember, you are not your GPA. 

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Good luck to everyone this finals week!

Summer is getting closer and closer, I can't wait!

 xoxo, Dominique


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