College Girl Gift Guide

2017 Gift Guide for the College Girl in Your Life 

I've rounded up the some of the best gift ideas of 2017 for your fav college girl. These are all gifts the college girls will actually use and be so thankful you put some thought into their holiday gift!

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gift ideas for college students ♥

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Here's the list of gift ideas 

Long walks on campus really suck when it's cold as heck outside, which is why every college girl will love a cozy beanie or hat. Now if your fav college girl goes to a school where it's warm all year round, this might not be the gift for her ;) I'm jealous of her btw!

There's nothing worse than finding holes in a pair of gloves you've only had for a week. Which is why every college girl will love this gift idea, cute and chic cashmere gloves that will last them all winter.

This water bottle is Cute and convenient but also safe to use. When buying a refillable water bottle as a gift you definitely want to make sure it's the best quality and it's 100% safe to use.

IF their living situation allows for this gift, it's one that works for every college girl. I mean who doesn't want their living space to smell good?

For the obvious reasons, this idea is perfect for any college student. Related: 10 Ways to Boost Productivity in College

Short pajamas are perfect for college girls because a lot of the time dorms and apartments are not the best about air conditioning plus they are super cute ~

I'm obsessed with this purple color that is pictured above. I've been wearing dark purple nail polish on and off for probably 3 years!

A neutral color scarf is a perfect gift because it can be worn so many different ways. Trust me, this gift idea will for sure be a winner and something your fav college girl will use often. 

GlamGlow's Thirstymud treatment is good for all skin types and it's super simple to use. College is a crazy and hectic time of our lives, so skincare isn't always a priority for college girls which is why this simple yet effective treatment is a perfect gift idea that supports beautiful, hydrated, and glowing skin. Nighttime Skin Care Routine

and that's a wrap!

What are some gift ideas for college girls that I'm missing?! Let me know in the comments below :-)

Hope you guys are liking these gift posts!