Girls Trip To Nashville

Last weekend I took a three-day long trip with my two best friends. We went to celebrate Erica's (the girl in the middle in the photo below) 22nd birthday! I've never been to Nashville before so I was extremely thankful for all of the great recommendations you all gave me on my Instagram post  I wanted to share the highlights of our girls trip to this music city and show you all our favorite places as well as what we recommend for anyone taking a girls trip to Nashville!

Girls Trip to Nashville 


These two photos were taken while we were spent time out at bars on Broadway.

We spent our first night at several bars along this street. Literally, it's a never-ending street of multiple level bars all with live country music. Now, I am not a huge fan of country music but I swear, it did not even matter what type of music was being played, these bars are so much fun!

After this night we had our first day out exploring Nashville and I am the type of person who wants to go go go on my first day of a trip. I get pretty overwhelmed sometimes. Regardless, we had fun but we did not make it all day without a nap :)


Our second night was spent at the rooftop bar at the top of the Thompson Hotel, L.A. Jackson. 

Rose All (Night!)

Nashville / LA Jackson

Have you ever seen a Bloody Mary like this one?

I had NO idea what I was in for when I ordered this. I never would've thought a bloody mary could also double as a meal for two!

This was the Flipside Nashville.


The third night we went out one more time and danced all night long :-)


I had so much fun with my best friends on this trip. Seriously, girls trip are the freaking best and they always will be!

Share your favorite girl's trips with me! I always love new recommendations. And check out my Instagram to see the rest of pictures from our Nashville trip :)