Guide for the Top of Rock in NYC

Your guide to the top of the rock

The top of the rock at Rockefeller Center is my favorite view of new york city. And it's my favorite place to take photos if you follow my Instagram you already know that :) 

A lot of you have asked how I took so many pictures here with no one in the background, and for tips, etc. so I have created a little guide for anyone visiting the top of the rock in NYC!


Best times to go to Top of the Rock

  • 8 a.m. or when the observation deck opens that day. The views during sunrise are amazing.

  • 5 p.m. or when 30-45 minutes before sunset that particular day. Sunset views are beautiful as well but it is usually a little more crowded during this time period. Although, I still recommended not passing on this time because it's gorgeous.

I definitely recommend going as early as possible if you want really good pictures! Rockefeller center offers tickets where you can visit twice in one day so you can get 2 different views in one day.

Best places to get a picture

  • in a window facing the empire state building

  • outside during sunrise facing central park

  • have someone else stand on one of the upper levels of the deck and take a picture of you

The observation deck is probably a lot bigger than you think so it's not impossible to get photos without anyone else in the background. Sometimes the best thing to do is wait a few minutes or be nice and offer to take other people's pictures and usually getting a picture with a beautiful view and no one else in the background is a breeze.

Buying tickets 

I recommend buying tickets before you go, it makes the process much simpler.

However, if you are unable to do that you can purchase tickets in the basement of the Rockefeller center before heading to the observation deck entrance. It's a little confusing but not impossible :)


Any more questions?

Comment below and I will try to answer or help you out in any way that I can :)