How to Move Forward, Remember the Past and Embrace the Future

How to Move Forward, Remember the Past and Embrace the Future

MOVING forward

have realized that the best step to take when trying to move forward in life is to accept that sometimes we have to let go of the life we expected to have and to start living the life we are given. 

Looking back on our past isn't always a bad thing.

For me, taking an honest look at my past helps me understand more of who I want to see myself become in the future. I believe if I didn't remember past experiences during my life, I would not learn what truly were my mistakes and successes. I know that most of the time, I am my own worst critic and set unrealistic expectations for my life.

But now that I understand this about myself, I can work on this aspect and continue to remember not to be so hard on myself. 

I have spent a considerable amount of my life picturing my future and what it looks like in my mind. 

My Life Looks Nothing like that Today and That's Okay

Seeking to understand how to move forward to figure out where I belong and who I am becoming requires me to let go of the pretty picture I previously held in my mind, to make the most of the life I am living today.

Making Major Life Changes is Scary

But I think that having regrets about not making a difference to our life in significant ways is more terrifying. On the other hand, it's easy to get caught up in thoughts like "I could've done this," "I would've had a better chance if I didn't do that." These are such toxic thoughts to possess and there easy to make up in our thoughts as soon as we start thinking. 

I believe that it's important to continuously remember the power our thoughts have on our emotions and the quality of our lives.

That is why I work and encourage others to consistently work on finding the right balance of reflecting, learning, and growing from the past while continuously moving forward with life today and embracing what the future holds.

I would love to hear from you! Tell me what you think the best way is to move forward with our lives, can we do it while remembering the past? Or do you think that to successful move forward we must forget our past experiences?

XOXO, Dominique