Icy Blonde Hair Care Routine + Tips


My Icy Blonde Hair Care Routine

I'm sharing you all my best tips for getting and maintaining silver, platinum, or white icy blonde hair! I probably get asked about my hair color and how I keep it this blonde more than any other question. So I wanted to share with you all my honest and best tips, tricks (if you will), and advice to achieve this hair color while still keeping your hair healthy and strong.


My Advice And Tips

  1. The first thing that has helped me achieve this color is my hair stylist, you can find here Instagram account here --> https://www.instagram.com/kellyn_heller/. I have been going to Kellyn for around 3 years now and being consistent in doing so has helped me the most.

  2. I typically get highlights every 6-8 weeks and then get a toner on my hair every 3-4 weeks. Getting yourself on a hair appointment schedule is key.

  3. I would never recommend anyone to try bleaching their hair at home or trying to get their hair this light of a color by themselves because it'll most likely leave you disappointed or even pretty upset. Also, it can be a pretty difficult, expensive, and long process to fix any damage on your hair and then getting it to the color you are wanting.

  4. I only use professional products on my hair that my stylist recommends with the color she puts on my hair. Whoever you go to to get your hair done, you should definitely use and trust the products they recommend for your hair color. Here are some of the products I have used for my hair and would 100% recommend.

  5. It may sound a little odd but you should try and wash your hair as little as possible! I normally wash mine 2 to 3 times a week.

  6. I don’t even think about putting your hair in chlorine water regularly. I try my best to never do this but I will get in the ocean and swim and I have swum in saltwater pools a few time with it. Weird cause I was a swimmer during high school :-) but if you saw my blonde hair then, it looked nothing like it does now!


My last piece of advice for anyone wanting to achieve an icy, white, silver, platinum type of blonde hair color (I’m actually not really sure how different all of these colors are from each other) is to be patient and consistent!

If you want this done correctly and in a healthy way, it’s probably not going to happen the first time you go to get it done.

I would guess it took me around 3 times to achieve the color I was wanting. However, being patient, listening to my stylist’s recommendations and making sure I stayed consistent with my hair appointments definitely helped a ton. (And still does!!)


I hope this answers a wide range of questions or things you guys were wondering about my hair care routine and color. As always, feel free to ask any questions in the comments below or reach out to me on social media or by email! :)

Here is a Youtube Video below if you would rather hear me talk about this rather than read, your choice ;)