#NeverThrowAway National Consignment Day

national consignment day


Starting today, and for the first Monday of every October from here on out, fashion lovers have the opportunity to show their appreciation for shopping more sustainably and smart. The RealReal has created this day as a way to show and celebrate what sustainable fashion is all about. I personally think it's crazy to not sell any items you aren't using and are wasting.


It's not only financially smart, it's also sustainable.

Sustainable fashion is the future of the industry.

national consignment day

Consigning items you don't use anymore also can earn you a lot of money and help you buy more and continue the cycle :-) I wanted to write about this today because designer items are expensive, but there are so many options when you are looking to buy high-priced items. And there are so many items you can sell to earn more cash to buy what you really want!  cosign today!

national consignment day Some types of items you cosign today include:


  • Women's fashion
  • Fine jewelry
  • Watches
  • Home items
  • Accessories, purses, and more!

I like shopping on The RealReal because there are thousands of items added each day. And I'm always pumped when I clean out my closet in a smart way, which is the point of recognizing today as national consignment day! I hope this has inspired you a little bit on this first Monday of October. Happy fall everyone!

XOXO Dominique

I wanted to sum up and finish this post by sharing a quote from The RealReal website 

“Sustainability is important to us and I’m excited to be partnering with The RealReal on this new program. We believe that consignment, and more broadly, recommerce, plays an important part in reducing the amount of raw materials that are required each year, which is a key part in our commitment to becoming a part of a more circular economy.”

- Stella McCartney