Negril, Jamaica Travel Guide

Negril Travel Guide 

Today I am sharing my travel guide to Negril. I visited the town in Jamaica two weeks ago for 5 days and 4 nights. Negril is located in Western Jamaica. It takes around 1 and a half hours to get to Negril by car from the Montego Bay Airport.

An important thing to know if you are thinking about driving or renting a car in Jamaica is that you will have to drive on the left side of the road, and the driver's seat is on the right side in the car, opposite of the driving situation in the US. Luckily, I was traveling with two other girls while I was in Negril.

One of the girls was Corina, and she had previously driven a car with the driver seat on the right-hand side on another island, I was very grateful for that! Although, I want to try to do it myself someday. Shaunie, (I've mentioned her in several other travel posts) was the other girl I was traveling with to Negril.

Anyways, in this guide to Negril Jamaica, I’m sharing my favorite things to do in the town, where to stay, places to eat, and some Instagram picture ideas/locations to give a little inspiration for anyone planning on traveling to Negril and loves a good Instagram shot :)


Places to stay:

Rockhouse Hotel - Located on the West End of Negril, a boutique hotel that is unlike any other locations in Negril, the views of the bright blue turquoise ocean are amazing from here. The swimming area at Rockhouse was my favorite place to swim in Negril, the ocean water is so clear. They also have a gorgeous infinity pool.

Sandals / Beaches Resort Negril -Both of these 5-star resorts are famous sister resort brands and for good reasons. These resorts are perfect for families (Beaches) and adults/couples (Sandals) looking for the ultimate all-inclusive luxury vacation to Negril.

The SPA Retreat Boutique Hotel - This location is perfect (obviously) for people looking for a relaxing spa vacation. The entire hotel and pool area is gorgeous and has beautiful views of the ocean.

Somewhere West - The rooms here have a full kitchen and are bigger than most with multiple bedrooms so if you like to cook while traveling or are traveling in a large group, this is a good location for you.

Things to do:

7 Mile Beach - the water here is such a pretty blue color and the sand is so soft. I recommend catching at least one sunset and sunrise on the beach in Negril.

Horseback riding - we did a horseback riding tour with @jujutoursjamaica. It was such an amazing experience! I had only ridden a horse one time before this tour but you do not need any experience to do this. The horses were all SO sweet and riding them on the beach during sunset was a moment I’ll never forget.

The Cliffs at Ricks Cafe - this is one of the most famous bars in the world! It’s really unlike any other bar or restaurant that I’ve ever been to before. There are several cliffs that you can jump off of and watch other people jump off of, which is pretty cool considering one of the cliffs is 85 feet tall!!

Blue Hole Mineral Springs - This was about a 30-minute drive from 7-mile beach in Negril. You can jump off a 22ft. cliff ( or climb down a ladder ) to swim in the Blue Hole's cool refreshing mineral water.  If you aren't up for jumping or climbing down, there is a swimming pool at the location that is fed from the same mineral springs.

Ride on a Glass-Bottom Boat -  During these boat rides you are able to get an amazing look at the deep turquoise waters and marine life 20 feet or more below of Negril through the glass bottom on the boat, so freaking cool :-)

Places to eat:

Ivan's Bar & Restaurant - A Caribbean/Jamaican seafood restaurant with so many delicious options, seriously the menu is insane and it's really hard to choose. But I did get the lobster, 10/10 recommend. Ivan's is located at the Catcha Falling Star Hotel.

Blue Mahoe Restaurant -There is indoor and outdoor seating here but I highly recommend sitting outside if it's not too hot because the view is AMAZING. This spot is located at the Spa Retreat Boutique Hotel. I ate at the Blue Mahoe restaurant for breakfast and lunch. We all loved our food at breakfast so much we came back the next day for lunch :-)

Ricks Cafe - this is one of the most famous bars in the world! It’s really unlike any other bar or restaurant that I’ve ever been to before. It’s definitely more of an experience place than anything else but they have a ton of food/drink options.

Murphy’s - this is a small restaurant that only takes cash, (I used US dollars) but it is so worth it. Definitely, a place to get amazing seafood cooked by locals that were so friendly.

Instagram picture locations & ideas

- 7-mile beach during sunrise & sunset

- During a spa treatment like a flower bath

- Horseback riding

- Jumping off the cliffs in Negril

- Underwater pictures using a go pro with or without a go pro-dome

- On a boat, snorkeling, paddle-boarding, any type of water sports, etc.

Have you been to Negril, Jamaica?!

If so, I would love to hear your favorite places to see, things to do, etc. Please comment and tell me :)

I’m always adding to my travel guides and love learning/getting ideas from you guys! Throughout the past year, I've gone on several trips with travel bloggers. It's been such a cool, unique experience each time and I'm always excited to share my experience with you guys and hopefully inspire you to / help you plan your next vacation!

Please feel free to ask me any questions that you might have about this travel guide to Negril.

XOXO, Dominique