What You Can't Miss when Traveling to Germany

What You Can't Miss when Traveling to Germany

I have been fortunate enough to travel to Germany, the heartland of Central Europe three different times for about two weeks each visit. Sometimes I love being a tourist and seeing as much as I possibly can; I have had the opportunity to visit various towns, attractions, and areas all over the country.

Accordingly, I have put together my recommendations and am sharing my personal experiences for travelers planning trips to Germany in the future.

These unique places are what I feel can't be missed and anyone could enjoy.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein castle in Germany

There are many breathtaking castles in Germany. However, Neuschwanstein located in Bavaria, Germany takes the cake. I visited Neuschwanstein during the summertime. Although, I believe it would be stunning to see during the winter season.


There are so many amazing places to see and go in this city; which it why it can't be skipped during a trip to Germany. The city is full of historical sites such as the Berlin Wall andCheckpoint Charlie as well as a thriving modern nightlife.

The Black Forest


Located in the Southwestern corner of Germany, the Black Forest is a famous ancient mountain region full of black trees, (hence the name). There are so many activities to do here; I recommend hiking and enjoying the astonishing views. When I visited the Black Forest, I went hiking in the city of Freiburg. However, the forest stretches almost 100 miles across the state of Baden-WΓΌrttemberg.


Munich is famous for their Oktoberfest, (which I wish to attend sometime in my life) but there are so many other great things to do here. Marienplatz, the central square inΒ Munich is a perfect place to go to find great German food while also seeing great classic architecture. Marienplatz is also a fabulous spot to go shopping! The English Garden is amazing here for people of all ages to relax during their busy vacation. The English Garden also has places to eat, drink beer, and even watch people surf!


Potsdam is a historical city located on the border of Berlin. I recommend taking a walking or bike tour of this town; I took a bike tour, and it was well worth it. The Sanssouci Palace and Park is a must see when visiting this city.

The Main Tower in Frankfurt

At the Main Tower in Frankfurt, Germany you can see stunning views of the whole city in one location. Going during the morning or night time will both provide beautiful views of this town along with the chance to take nice photos. Overall, Frankfurt is a great city to visit because there are always event and festivals taking place.

The Rhine River

The Rhine is an ancient and charming river that extends across multiple European countries. In Germany, you can see castles and vineyards while taking a cruise on the Rhine. You can also access the Rhine from various cities in Germany because of its massive size.

Thanks for reading! I am always pleased to learn other's suggestions and or opinions on great destinations;

I feel that no person could ever travel "enough."