7 Shoes That Every Girl Needs In Her Closet

These are the 7 pairs of shoes that every girl needs to add to her wardrobe. Everyone is different and have their own style, but these each pair of shoes part of this list are all staple items. It's always nice when you buy a pair of shoes that add value to your closet and aren't a pair of heels you will wear with one dress and then never again! shoes that every girl needs If you prefer, I've also made a youtube video for this post! https://youtu.be/1DXJM96vypw

The 7 Essential Shoes Every Girls Needs to Own

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1. Booties

Booties are SO versatile. They're perfect for the beginning of fall all the way until spring. You should definitely have booties in a color that matches a lot of your wardrobe or have booties in more than one color.

2. Ballet Flats

Ballet flats work all year long for so many random events or places you will end up having to go to, other than work of course.

3. Slide on Sneakers 

Out of all my shoes, I wear slide on sneakers the most. Granted I am a college student and I'm not working in an office job. Regardless, my point is getting a pair of slide on sneakers is a must!

4. Comfortable and Cute Sandals

Because even if you live somewhere that's cold during the winter, you never know when you will go on a surprise vacation? :-)

5. Knee or Thigh High Boots

Over the knee boots have been my absolute favorite for the past year. However, tall boots have been in style for a long time and they will remain that way. That being said, this is a shoe that I would say is worth making an investment on and buying a nice pair that will last a decent amount of time.

6. Athletic Sneakers 

You need shoes you can go do basically anything in at any time, even if it is just a walk with your dog :-)

7. Nude or Black Heels

These are perfect for going out to a nice dinner or for other professional events.

Obviously, all of these types of shoes come in so many colors and styles and it's up to you to decide which fits your style the best! BUT it is important to have all of these shoes handy in your closet at all times and to have styles you actually love to get the most use out of them. It takes time, for a long time I couldn't find boots that I was totally in love with. It's just like relationships ;)

So there you have it, the 7 essential shoes that every girl needs to own! This will help you build a solid wardrobe because most of these shoes will not be going out of style anytime soon!

xoxo, Dominique

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