Stowe, Vermont


Hey guys! If you follow me on Instagram you know that I spent the last week in Stowe, Vermont with another travel blogger Shaunie. I am sharing a little travel diary of everything we did, saw, what I wore, & more day by day instead of a travel guide (I used to do more travel diaries than travel guides)


day 1:

We left NYC to head to Vermont which is around a 6-hour drive, however, it was snowing pretty bad which made it harder to drive on the roads and after two stops during the drive, it took us closer to 8 hours to arrive at our hotel. We checked in around 10 pm to our hotel, the Stowehof and we went to bed pretty soon after since it was a long day of traveling. So I'm not counting the day of travel as our first "real" day in Vermont :)

Anyways, we woke up pretty early to check out our hotel and see what the snow was looking like. It was a really pretty day outside in Stowe today as you can see in the photos below, but it was actually around 7 degrees outside so these were the only quick photos I got outside this day.


day 2:

We went to the Swote Mountain Resort today. If you are wanting to go Skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating, this is your place! The resort is huge and has SO much to do. It wasn't crowded at all when we were visiting but I imagine this place gets super busy/packed. We went ice skating for a little bit but if we had more time I might've tried to ski a little bit even though I am reallllly bad at it :)

This place is perfect for families for sure. We ate at the huge restaurant right by all of the activities that have a ton of different types of foods to choose from.


day 3:

Today was my 23rd birthday!! If you can't tell that from the photo below ;) It was the first time I spent a birthday away from home but spending it somewhere this beautiful was pretty awesome. (except the number 2 ballon barely stayed inflated) During the day, we visited the Von Trapp Family Lodge today which is owned by the family that the Sound of Music movie is based on. The views of the mountains from here were so beautiful!

If you aren't staying at the lodge, there is the Trapp Kaffeehaus and von Trapp Brewery & Bierhall near the lodge. We ate lunch at the Brewery and had hot chocolate at the Kaffeehaus after.


day 4:

This was our last day in Stowe and we left a little bit after noon. I had so much fun exploring this winter wonderland town despite the freezing cold temps!


If you have any questions please feel free to ask me as always :)