That Friday Feeling

★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ 


Nothing feels better than Friday even if you don't have any special plans. A question I get a lot is "how are you always doing something so interesting/fun and manage to get cute pictures?"

Well, I wanted to share a little insight to y'all just how simple this can really be. You don't always have to go somewhere fancy, tropical, far away, etc etc etc. to be able to have fun (and get good pictures).

I'm sharing a few locations that you can find almost anywhere in the world to have a little fun while taking pictures or actually get some productive stuff done (aka target).


You can see in the pictures I took these all in three different spots. And I wanted to add that I take pictures with my camera a lot of the time but all of these were taken on my iPhone 8 plus!

The locations include:

  • A record store or a music, entertainment store

  • Target, (but any store could work)

  • A laundromat for a retro/cool vibe ~

Now I can't promise nobody will look at you like you are a little insane when you take pictures in a laundromat or by the milk aisle, but my advice is to just be polite and also not care too much about what others are thinking or saying :) 

I would love to hear from you what your favorite locations for pictures are that you can have fun or be productive while taking pictures :-) or any ideas you have! 

Have a great weekend! 

XOXO, Dominique 

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