The Best Advice Anyone Has Ever Given Me

Today I wanted to share with you guys the Best Advice Anyone Has Ever Given Me.

best advice

I'm not saying it's the best advice you'll ever hear or that it's a fact but I do think it's something ever should hear or be reminded of.

Time is typically essential before we can recognize and appreciate the importance of some advice we are given in our lives. Many times, we do not even understand how valuable the input we receive truly is till we can connect it to our experiences. For this purpose, I like explaining what the best advice is that anyone has ever given me and why I claim it to be the best.

So here it is: 

"It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of your path, your dreams, your decisions, your life, as long as you are doing what makes yourself happy. Besides, doing this will, in turn, make the people who love you; happy."

My mother told me that frequently while I was a younger child and most of the time, I understood it as being something that all mom's said to their children; simply because they should. However; I was wrong for thinking that. I didn't realize that I was wrong until I lost her to cancer. It was then that I started to concentrate on the advice my mother granted me. So often we are taught to consider others and we should, I am not saying that other people are not important because they are! Nonetheless, it's not wrong to think of yourself. It's not wrong to do what makes YOU satisfied in life. When you are continuously working at achieving your happiness, you inspire the people around you to do the same thing, which is supporting them at the same time.

What we all deserve is to achieve happiness, and it is easier to accomplish when happy people surround us.

If you feel satisfied with all aspects of your life, then you are experiencing life correctly. The people who are with you throughout this time and on your path to happiness; are the ones who matter.

What I have learned from this advice and what you can learn as well is this: Live every day to the fullest, choose to be happy.

Choose happiness for yourself, and choose it for everyone you love.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it's been awhile since I did a more personal blog post! Thank you for reading, xoxo