Traveling Alone for the First Time

Traveling by yourself may sound amazing to you, or it could seem terrifying. Or you could be like me and not truly feel one of these ways. I just got back from a solo trip to New York City, and I am excited to share my a little bit of my experience of it with you all, as well as answer any questions that you might have!

Traveling By Yourself


I'm typically crazy about planning things, literally everything. So me deciding to take a trip last minute by myself really isn't a regular thing.

Although, I have gone on multiple last minute trips with my boyfriend and I never understood how or why he enjoyed doing things this way. I can't say I am totally fine with never fully planning another trip in life or that I'm just going to travel whenever and wherever I like. Both of these options are unrealistic. (Unless you are, of course, Kylie Jenner, have a large inheritance, a celebrity, etc. If you are any of these, Please contact me!)

Okay moving on.

The best part about my four days spent in NYC was that my expectation level was rather low. One, because I knew it was going to be different than the average trip I go on with other people. Two, because it was planned six days before my departure.

The worst part of my four days spent in NYC alone was getting asked the same things over and over again.

"Is the table just for you?" "Ah a beautiful girl like you shouldn't be alone." "Will you take a picture of us?! couple kisses for the camera" "Alone? Let me keep you company!"

You get it.

However, towards the end of the trip, these things didn't bother me as much so maybe this just takes some getting used to!

I will be writing more in-depth tips about traveling alone in general, traveling alone in NYC/what you can do, and about some awesome free things, you can do in NYC!

Stay tuned, xoxo