20 Things I Learned Being 20 in 2016

What I Learned From Being 20 During 2016

20 Things I Learned While Being 20 during 2016

What I learned from being 20

What I learned from being 20

  1. It is NEVER too late to try something brand-new.

  2. Nobody prepares you completely for how difficult life can be as nobody can prepare you. The only way to learn how to deal with and understand certain things is to experience them yourself.

  3. The people who claim they have their whole life figured out in their 20's while making people around feel behind for not having their's as well, are people you do not need in your life. Related: 9 Valuable Ways You Can Invest in Yourself During Your Twenties

  4. Anyone who makes a point to let you know that are ahead of you, is already lacking one of the essential traits everyone should possess, kindness.

  5. Just because people ask questions, doesn't mean they genuinely care about you. A lot of individuals are sadly just merely nosy.

  6. The quality of life is so much more important than the quantity, living each day to the fullest is the only way to live. (regardless of how overused this statement is, it's accurate)

  7. Having fun isn't a bad thing, and we all should do it more often. Therefore, finding things that you consider to be fun and are available to do often, is necessary.

  8. Politics can ruin friendships, don't let it happen.

  9. Being in a relationship when you are younger isn't wrong, as long as you are in a healthy relationship. You aren't missing out on any life experiences, despite what people might tell you.

  10. Being single isn't a bad thing either! Love yourself, love a lot of people, do whatever it is that makes you happy. As long as you aren't hurting yourself or anyone else with your love life, it is nobody's business.

  11. College is hard no matter what your major is. Related: The 10 Things You Should Know Before Starting College

  12. Some family members and friends are just going to care more about you than others; hold these people close. We can't decide who chooses to care about us deeply, but we do choose how we treat them.

  13. Our health is more valuable than most of us could ever comprehend, no matter how young or old you are. Appreciating and taking care of your health is fundamental.

  14. Having money will unquestionably make certain aspects of life easier, yet it will never turn you into a genuinely happy person.

  15. Whatever your values are, always stay true and stand by them. It will result in individuals with similar values surrounding your life. If you aren't staying true to who you are and what you value, it's possible you will end up in a situation that causes you to become miserable. Related: Five Simple and Easy Ways to Improve Everyday Life

  16. Not one person has the answer to everything other than God. It really is okay to say "I have no idea" daily, even though a lot of individuals struggle coping with not knowing the answers to everything.

  17. Setting short and long term goals for your life will boost your personal growth. Aim higher than you think imaginable, surprise yourself. Related: How to Gain and Maintain Motivation in Your Life

18, Keeping things in perspective is hard, some things are more challenging than others, but once you start doing it life just feels a bit smoother.

  1. It's possible to let go of the past while still learning from it. Although, sometimes the past has a clever way of sneaking up in life when it is unwanted, or it is desired. Related: How to Move Forward, Remember the Past and Embrace the Future

  2. Living for the present day is important, and although tomorrow is a day that is promised to no one; it is essential to hold faith and hope to prepare for the future continuously.

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