Things You Need to Do Before Traveling Internationally

Things You Must do Before Traveling Abroad

These are the most important things to Do Before Traveling Internationally (that most people forget!) Getting these things done can easily make or break an entire trip. YEP honestly that's how important they are!

Things You Need to do Before Traveling Abroad

Here is Your Essential To-Do List! 

  • Apply for a Passport & OR make sure your passport has not expired  

    Just because you have a passport doesn't mean it will still be valid when you are planning to travel, and yes I learned this lesson the hard way 😃

  • Check with your doctor regarding vaccinations

    You won't always need these by any means, but it's better to find out while you are still in your home country. Plus just double checking with your doctor can relieve any stress or nerves you have concerning your health while abroad.

  • Get a Decent amount of  Currency for the country you are traveling to

    I know that many banks will provide you with some of the best exchange rates you can find. Getting money from a local bank will give you a  better exchange rate than compared to what you can get once you arrive abroad. The airport is always a good backup option, but you go into that situation losing money and time!

  • If you are planning on using any electronics, make sure you have the proper adapter for your destination

    I recently traveled abroad to China, and I purchased this adapter before traveling, and it worked fantastically. Before Traveling AbroadI could charge three different things at one time which was amazing, (FYI this is a judge free zone.)

  • I bought this particular one because it works for the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, China, and more. Plus this adapter is only $20.00 which is cheaper than any adapter's I found in retail stores. However, make sure you do your research if you are heading somewhere that is less common! This is the link if you are interested! 

Depending on the type of person you are, there is a lot of other "fun shopping" (it is fun but always stressful) to do before traveling abroad. But these are the things you have to do to have the real fun experiences later on.

  • Make your plan for using any credit/debit cards 

    Some credit cards have high foreign transaction fees, and some have none at all! You should find this information out before traveling abroad. I got lucky finding a credit card with no foreign transaction fees when I was not even searching for one. But it has saved me many times. So definitely make the time to set up a plan for money and cards before traveling abroad. You might be able to find a card more suitable for your trip.

  • Be aware of all the requirements necessary to enter the country you are traveling to 

    For example, do you need a visa to enter this country? How exactly they want paperwork filled out or information presented etc.

  • Create Copies of any Important Documents 

    There is always the chance of losing an important document (passport, visa, medical records, etc. ) So make your life easier and create copies!

  • Decide if & how you will use your phone 

    Depending on who you are traveling with, you may want to have access to your cell phone the entire time or not at all. Regardless, you need to decide and talk with your provider, so you don't end up with a surprise expensive cell phone bill.

Did I miss something?

It's definitely possible. Or if you have any essential to-do list items you do before traveling abroad that make the trip smoother, PLEASE share!

xoxo, Dominique

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