Best Things to Do in Shanghai, China

If you are ever thinking of traveling to China then there is a huge chance you have heard of Shanghai! I am sharing with you what I believe are some of the best, must-do things while in Shanghai. I also did a lot of research, (I always do before traveling anywhere) so a lot of people who have visited the city will definitely agree with me.

What To Do in Shanghai

Best of Shanghai

1. Take a Cruise along the Huangpu River

It's especially important to do this at night time because the city lights in Shanghai are unlike anywhere else in the world.  The Huangpu River is located along the Bund, a famous place in Shanghai that is my next recommendation. Related: Things you Need To do Before Traveling Internationally 


2. Visit the Bund

This is the best place to get pictures of the stunning skyline Shanghai provides. Visit during the day and the night because it's two different views even though it is the same skyline, I promise. You will want to experience it during the day and night and snap pictures of both.


3. Go to the Yu Garden

The Yu Garden is a unique garden full of classical Chinese garden architecture but also has uniquely designed bridges, sculptures, and huge gorgeous rocks. You can also visit the bazaar here which is a place you can buy a lot of local items as well as find any type of tourist items you are searching for during your trip to Shanghai.


4.  Spend a day shopping on Nanjing Road

This famous shopping road is similar to Rodeo Drive, Fifth Avenue, Michigan Avenue, etc. so you get why I recommend this place! The historical Chinese architecture here is also amazing. Speaking of beautiful architecture this brings me to my next thing to do.

5. View the Historical Buildings while walking along the Bund

I've already mentioned the Bund but it is one of the most popular places in Shanghai with a lot of things to do so this is one you don't want to skip doing and it's free! I suggest doing this one during the daytime rather than nighttime.


6. Check out Shanghai's Markets

There are so many awesome markets in Shanghai but which one you choose to adventure to depends on what it is you enjoy shopping for.  There's food markets, cloth markets, wholesale clothing markets, electronic markets, flower markets, I think you get my point. :) You will have an experience in these markets that you cannot find anywhere else, I loved it! 


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I'm sure if I was able to spend more time in Shanghai it would've been even harder to narrow down these points but I definitely am more than pleased with my experience!

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