10 Ways to Boost Productivity in College

It takes time, effort, dedication and motivation to succeed in college. However, there is always time to discover new methods and techniques to understand what works best for yourself. As a junior in college, I can say that it took me awhile to learn the best ways for me to succeed in school. Hence, why I am sharing these techniques that I use!

1. Don't Let Stress Take Over

Everyone wants to succeed throughout College and do well; some people are lucky however most have to work hard to earn good grades. Along with good grades, college students have pressures of getting great internships, working a job, or keeping scholarships. Stress is my first point because it can become a serious problem for college students and when it does; remember how lucky we all are to be in college and how stress in school is only temporary. Related: Ultimate College Packing List

2. Have a Great Place to Study/Get Stuff Done

My area is the library at my university; it's my space where I am not distracted and motivated to do what I came to get done as opposed to studying in my apartment with tons of distractions. Related: 10 Ways to Make It Through Finals Week

3. Use a Desk Planner

Writing due dates, assignments, etc. down on paper instead of putting them in your phone or laptop can do miracles.

4. Don't Forget to Check Your School Email

I had to get in the habit of checking my email every morning when I woke up because there's nothing worse than going to class when it was canceled or missing out on extra credit point

5. Speaking of Extra Credit, Always Do It

This point sounds somewhat obvious but still, just a friendly reminder :-) Related:

6. Go to Professors Office Hour's

When I began college I never saw the need to go to office hours as well as being nervous to go; this was a mistake! I can't obviously guarantee that every Professor will be helpful but nearly every time I go to any office hours I accomplish something and feel better about the course. Additionally, this helps Professors know who you are in big classes. Related: The 10 Things You Should Know Before Starting College

7. Work on Time Management

Managing your time efficiently during college is one of the greatest techniques to utilize when striving to increase your overall productivity; without going crazy with the pressure of doing well in school.

8. Save Everything

When I say everything, I mean anything a professor gives you during class, notes you take during lectures, etc. Keeping everything for a course organized can really help you later on in the semester.

9. Find Study Groups

Finding people with the same major as your own that you can study with, can improve your whole college experience. It's refreshing to have people in your classes that you can talk if you need help with anything. One of the most effective ways for me to master course material is teaching someone else about the subject; therefore I totally recommend this study technique.Related: Five Simple Habits to Boost Your GPA

10. Learn When to Say "No" and When to Say "Yes."

Every college student has different things they have to say no to sometimes to succeed; whether it is staying in on some weekend nights or not sleeping in on some mornings. It's important to learn what you have to say no to accomplish your goals long term. Likewise, it's crucial to know when to say YES; you shouldn't miss out on every fun opportunity during college because of the stress/pressure of getting excellent grades. It's all about judgment, understanding, and balance!

Hard work unquestionably pays off during college. Despite the fact that often, this isn't evident short term. There is no one perfect way to complete college successful because everyone is different; find your balance and don't compare your college journey to anyone else's!

If you have any suggestions for college students; I would love to hear them! Thank you for reading,

Xoxo, Dominique

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