Success in College

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cengage Unlimited. The opinions and text are all mine.

My time in college has taught me so much. Looking back, I wish I could tell myself as a freshman everything I've learned. That's clearly not a possibility, but I sure can blog about it for you guys :)

t's hard to define success because it's different for everyone. Nevertheless, I am pretty confident that all of the tools, tips, and resources I am sharing with you guys today will put you on the path of success during college or help keep you on it.

I've written a lot of different types of blog posts about college. This post is focusing on academic success in college and how it's worked for myself. A side note before I start, academic success is achieved differently for everyone. I always felt one step behind everyone else in high school and started college feeling that way too, but I did not finish that way which is why I enjoy writing about college and sharing my advice.

Tools for Success in College


Tutoring / Professor's Office Hours

College is freaking hard, and you should NOT be afraid to look for help when you can or when you need it. Sometimes it can feel uncomfortable asking for help in a competitive environment like college. I've learned that finding a little courage to ask for help has helped me so much. I actually can't believe there was a time I didn't want to ask for help. I have worked with a tutor before, and I've also found some tutoring sessions on my campus.

Another way to seek out help is to go to your Professor's office hours which I was VERY nervous to do the first time but getting used to this and going to office hours when you know it could help you is essential.

Online Resources 

I am stating the obvious, but college is expensive.  Sometimes it's hard to get around that fact, and you need textbooks in almost every course which is why I am excited to share with you all a little bit about Cengage's new unlimited subscription service.

The cost is $119.99 per semester. What's great about this is that no matter how many Cengage courses you enroll in, or how many eBooks you use, the price of Cengage Unlimited stays the same.

Cengage courses use different platforms like Mindtap and WebAssign, and I've had good user experiences with platforms. With Cengage Unlimited, you can also get a free print rental.

Chegg Study

A lot of people use Chegg for homework and study assistance. For classes that are particularly hard, I am thankful for the homework solutions, resources, and help Chegg Study provides. This is what makes Chegg one of my favorite college resources. With the Cengage Unlimited subscription service, you can get one month free of Chegg study.


I think this college resource can make ANYONE’S life a little bit easier, even if you are not in college. Grammarly is my personal proofreader and best friend, it helps SO much when your schedule is packed with essays and assignments due at the same time.

Grammarly checks for grammar errors, spelling mistakes, etc. however, it goes way beyond what spell check does. Since using Grammarly, I am (almost) always confident in my writing. It also has a plagiarism checker which can be beneficial in making sure credit is given in an essay/assignment when it is needed. Grammarly provides synonym suggestions to make your writing more precise and readable; this helps when you have a ton of writing to get done in a short period.

Online Study Guides

A lot of the time courses have lots of different online resources that can help you study and practice problems for the class. What's helpful with the Cengage subscription service, you have access to all the study guides, practice problems, flashcards, etc. that are available for that book. I've used these resources a lot for hard accounting and math courses.


College is stressful, but these tools can make life easier, and always make sure you are utilizing any and all of the resources your campus offers you.

If you are interested in checking out this new and awesome subscription for college students, go to!

I wish you all successful semester!