Excellence Playa Mujeres

Excellence Playa Mujeres Resort is an all-inclusive luxury resort in Mexico. We stayed for six days and five nights. The Cancun Airport is where most people will fly into to get to Playa Mujeres. The resort is around 25-30 minutes north of Cancun.

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We stayed in the most amazing suite, from what I could tell, every suite and room at this resort is amazing though! Our room was the Terrace Suite with Plunge Pool.

There was also a shower outside by the private balcony plunge pool. This shower made me feel like a queen if you can't tell from my huge smile on my face in the photos :)


The best way to start a much-needed vacation? Pretty & delicious frozen drinks!! The fruit was always available which I loved. Also, drinks that were made out of fruits, ( pineapple was my fav ) were sooo good in the heat. While there was a ton of healthy fruit, there was ALSO a ton of delicious pizza on the beach. #goals

Oh did I mention this resort had TEN restaurants?! I don't think I've ever stayed at an all-inclusive resort with that many international restaurants.

Hotel Amenities

The lazy river: It was pretty large for being at a resort, my favorite part was that it was never super crowded, Maybe because this was an 18+ resort? I dont know but I do know that I will never be too old for lazy rivers.

The spa: It was amazing to say the least! Half of it was outside and the other half inside. Tucker and I both got massages and facials, SO glad we did this!! It was one of the best if not the best spa treatment I’ve gotten.

The beach and pools: There was always a spot for us to lay down, more than enough. The beach itself is extremely clean and the water is sooo clear compared to other areas in Mexico.

excellence playa mujeres

The views from our balcony were amazing whether it early in the morning, mid-afternoon, or in the evening.


Overall, I was so pleased with this all-inclusive luxury resort and would definitely go back one day to this property or any of the other excellence group resorts.

Visit Excellence Playa Mujeres website here: https://www.excellenceresorts.com/gallery/excellence-playa-mujeres/destination/