Sayulita, Mexico


Puerto Vallarta is around 30 minutes away from the beautiful beach town and charming fishing village, Sayulita! Me and several of my blogging friends took about 5 hours off from our workshops at the Pangea Dreams blogging retreat to go explore a different town in Mexico. 

Before heading to Sayulita, we had completed four of the eight workshops for this retreat so it was the perfect day/time to explore somewhere new and get to know everyone more on a personal/friendly level.

Sayulita is full of picturesque beaches, colorful buildings, sites and great food for everyone. There were a ton of vendors selling donuts and fruit, which is a huge win for me, and I bet for some of you too :-)


Some activities to try on the beach

  • Snorkeling

  • Swimming in the ocean

  • Surfing

  • Sunbathe

OR one of my personal favorite activities, getting my hair braided or even better, space buns!

A day at Sayulita BeachThe sand literally had sparkles in it, but it was so hard to clean off. The beach in Sayulita had sand that was probably the most difficult sand I've ever tried to walk in. It was also all over my body for the rest of the day, no matter how much I tried to get it off, (tbh probably 20 attempts)

The glitter and sparkles in the sand were so beautiful and unique so it was definitely all worth it. I also loved the classic striped beach chairs and umbrellas, the blue colors are so freaking adorable.


Have you been to Sayulita before?

If not, I hope this post inspired you to visit this pretty Mexican city for a day trip like myself or for a few nights. I saw some gorgeous hotels while I was there!

Have any questions or thoughts? As always, comment below or on any social media accounts/email :)