Indy 500 Race Day Look

This past Sunday I went to the Indianapolis 500 car race, which takes place in Speedway, Indiana. Most people in Indiana already know this, but I wanted to share a little something cool about Indiana, I don't get that many chances :-)

Today I'm sharing My Indy 500 look for this year's race.

Indianapolis 500 race day fashion is pretty interesting, I think everyone can probably agree on that. Also, the weather is so so so hot every year and the event is so long. I was there in the 90-degree weather for 12 hours straight outside and I know a lot of people were there much longer than I was. Just like any other long hot summer event, choosing an outfit that is temperature appropriate is pretty freaking important. (oh, and sunscreen if you are pale like me!)

indy 500

indy 500

I decided to wear my favorite Levi's denim overalls to the Indy 500 race this year. They are loose fitting, which is why I choose them; I hate wearing denim shorts in the heat that are tight fitting. Too much sweat. These overalls allowed me to breathe, I mean as much as I could in the heat anyways :)

The tank top I wore underneath the overalls was super thin. I thought the race flags on the tank top were too cute and too fitting for the occasion to not wear, I love easy decisions!!


I've always loved Vans shoes, ever since I worked at a shoe store in high school that sold Vans. These checkerboard vans were perfect for the race, like too perfect tbh. They were super comfortable all day long, I can't imagine how my day would've gone if I didn't wear comfortable shoes.

The Guess hat I wore, I'm in LOVE with! But I love all things Guess, so that's no surprise :)


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indy 500

indy 500

I love seeing what cute and unique outfits people come up with for the summer events they attend! I hope you guys liked this look/outfit post today.

Thanks for reading and staying connected with me!