San Tropico Hotel

Last month, I stayed at a boutique hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Hotel San Tropico. 


I traveled with a group of 14 women for a blogging retreat so a cute boutique hotel was perfect for this trip to Mexico.

Like many other boutique hotels, Hotel San Tropico was very laid back and felt super comfortable. BUT the hotel was also so freaking nice, (I am not sure if that makes sense but ya!) I fell in love with all of the pretty colors and overall design & vibes at this hotel.

This location in Puerto Vallarta is perfect for travelers that are ~creatives~ and focus on creating travel content while on vacation.


The orange and blue lounging area in the pictures above was my favorite spot to relax and chill out at the hotel. Plus, the colors and pillows made it an awesome place to take photos.

Definitely a win win ;)


San Tropico hotel serves several different types of juices all day long.

I wish I would've had time to try them all! There was also so much guac and avocado it was unreal, most of the girls absolutely loved this.

juice in mexico

juice in mexico


The pool area was very relaxing, intimate, and beautiful. 

peach wall dom bagnoche
hotel san tropico

hotel san tropico

There are bikes available at the hotel to ride at anytime. I loved this! And the bikes were so comfortable and such a pretty blue color.


I loved Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and I cannot wait to return to this beautiful city! I definitely recommend this adorable boutique hotel for anyone who normally enjoys this style of vacation lodging.

I would like to hear any of your favorite hotels, resorts, spots in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico or any other city in Mexico! I love love love visiting this wonderful country.

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Thank you for reading as always and I hope these pictures inspired you to take a vacation soon somewhere relaxing and tropical :)

xoxo, Dominique