7 Gift Ideas for Him

List of Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Guy

I love shopping for other people, seriously so much fun for me (probably why I like making these posts) but anyways, Today I am going to be sharing with you some ideas for gift ideas for any of the special guys in your life! Buying that perfect gift for someone is not easy.

And it's definitely not a good feeling when you buy someone a gift they never like or use, (I've for sure had my feelings hurt once or twice because of this.) Which is why I am making these gift idea guides because I have seriously read through so many in the previous years and found great ideas that turned out great, so I am hoping to pass that on :)



(seriously don't make shopping for a gift for someone too stressful, it's supposed to be fun ~)


  1. A  Backpack 

    I know a few guys with this brand of backpacks and they love them. They are so stylish yet serve their purpose. But, depending on the guy it might not be his vibe 100%. Some other brands of backpacks to try are: 


    Everybody can embrace the teddy bear trend, I'm alll for it. Who doesn't love being comfy as heck?

  3. Leather Document Bag

    If the backpack isn't his vibe, a bag like this might be. A "briefcase", "document bag", whatever you want to call it!

  4. Cologne

    Cologne is something guys will always need, hands down. And something you want him to wear, I would assume, so buying him cologne is basically the gift that gives back making it a great choice.

  5. Headphones

    Headphones are a good gift idea for a lot of people. If you are like me, you lose them a lot, more than you'd like to admit to. But buying a pair of quality headphones like these is worth it because of the cool advanced features they have like Bluetooth, etc.

  6. Ugg Slippers

    I don't know a guy who has received a pair of UGG slippers that fit him correctly and said after "I don't like these", They aren't the first thing guys are buying themselves when they are at the mall so it's a great gift idea.

  7. Ugg Sweatpants

    I would choose the gray color, but that's up to you :) Although I think most girls will agree with me :-)


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Alright, so there you have it, 7 gift ideas for your favorite guy!

Would love to hear some ideas from you all!