Thanksgiving in Tucson, Arizona

Thanksgiving Break

This past weekend I traveled to Tucson Arizona to celebrate Thanksgiving with my Aunt Liz and Uncle Gary! I had been looking forward to heading out to Arizona to visit them and explore for the past few months. SO I was super eager to finish up all of my school work, group meetings, classes, etc.  so I didn't have to worry about any of that while I was there. WHICH is super abnormal for me because naturally, I can't control how much coursework my professors assign. (I wish??)

This post is mainly photos for a few reasons but the main one being the landscapes, scenery, everything about Arizona looks best photographed. My words won't do it justice :-)

Tucson Arizona for thanksgivingTucson Arizona for thanksgiving Tucson Arizona for thanksgiving

***all of the photos above were taken at Mount Lemmon and it's surrounding region in Tuscon, Arizona

Tucson Arizona for thanksgivingTucson Arizona for thanksgiving

***the rest of the photos were taken at Sabino Canyon in Tuscon, Arizona! 

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday whether you were relaxing at home, black Friday shopping, traveling, or whatever else people do on the weekend of Thanksgiving :)

I know I had a great time and this trip was something new which I loved! I've never visited my aunt and uncle during the Thanksgiving Holiday.  in the photo below you will see a picture of my favorite Aunt and I ;) I am so thankful for her ♥

I had a blast in Arizona and can't wait to visit again!

Tucson Arizona for thanksgiving

-that's all for now,