The First Year Without My Mother

The Long First Year Without My Mother Here

A year ago today, I said my one last goodbye to my mother before laying her to rest. Truthfully, I can't believe I have made it an entire year without seeing my mother's face, and that it's been even longer since I've heard her voice.  It's the weirdest thing because it feels as if was yesterday yet also has felt like it's lasted for years.

I think the pain I have been feeling ever since this day is directly proportional to how much I loved and was loved. She was my "home," and learning to live without this is just something that will take a long time. I know for a fact the world would be in a much better place if everyone experienced this type of love and for that, I am forever grateful.

first year without my mother

I have used this blog as a platform for several categories, topics, and experiences as a way to cope and put my free time into something positive. I enjoy writing about my mom and this entire experience. Death, losing a parent, loss in general; because I know just how much a few words can help/affect my emotions that day and to be able to do that for a few people maybe, gives me a little peace. I have a few posts coming up that will be continuations; I think that's the word :) from this post.Because I still have a lot to say, BUT I really love everything being very natural and real on this website.

So yeah maybe it is a little confusing why one day I am posting about jackets and shoes then traveling abroad and then death, but it's real. Life is never going to go entirely perfect for anyone, and there's a lot of really terrible things going on in this world today. But it doesn't mean we all shouldn't try and enjoy all of the simple things in life, fashion, etc. I used to feel stupid for writing about the things I do but not as much anymore. I think it's healthy for people to do more of what they want unapologetically.

I'm going to leave you with this, Life doesn't stop for any of us, and there's a lot we can't control, so I challenge anyone reading this to do more of what you love.

Thank you for caring enough to read this or if you are reading because you have gone through a loss too, I'm always a person you can reach out to. There is a button on my sidebar menu for my email, or you can directly email me at Also, if there is any type of post you are interested in reading or hearing about, I would love to hear any suggestions or requests <3

-xoxo, Dominique

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