My 1 Year Blog "Anniversary"

1 Year Blog Anniversary of DomBagnoche

1 Year Blog Anniversary of DomBagnoche

A one Year Blog "Anniversary" of sounds kind of silly, but I couldn't help myself but post about it. A year ago today I posted my very first blog post on To be honest, I did not put too much thought into creating this blog, I just kind of did it. My first blog post was my mother's eulogy. You can read the entire tribute I wrote and read at her funeral on December 1st, 2016 by clicking here.  

So obviously, this wasn't your average first happy blog post but yeah :-)

Anyways, Posting the eulogy that I read at my mother's funeral wasn't something I thought about too much before pressing "post." I definitely felt that my mom's eulogy was something personal and obviously emotional. However, I also thought that the people who were also mourning the death of my mother, could and still can find comfort by being able to read through it whenever they wish.

Quite frankly, funerals are weird for a lot of people, and I thought this was a nice way for anyone to have access to this little summary of my mother's legacy at any time.So obviously, I was thinking of other people when posting this. However, a large reason for sharing the eulogy online was me being selfish (idk , I can't think of another word) and doing it 100% for myself. Let me explain.

The days/weeks following my mother's passing, I was sharing stories about my mom as well as hearing new stories from other people who all knew her at different times in her life. Being able to share and listen to stories about my mother, not my sick mother, my healthy mother that was full of life and love, might've been the best way for me to cope during this time.

I was not ready to let go of these conversations. I found/find peace in talking about my mother, reminiscing about all the good things my mom was. I find peace in hearing stories from others about how my mom impacted them or how my blog has helped them in anyway big or small. So thank you to anyone and everyone who has supported my blog, throughout the past year and I have a pretty good feeling this is only the beginning :) I wrote a little more about this on this post The First Year Without My Mother.

The point of this post is to thank you all for reading my posts about my mom, as well as all of the additional topics I've been sharing with you all. I could not be any more thankful or grateful that I found a platform that I believe enables me to help others in different ways while also being a healthy outlet for myself.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite parts of this eulogy

She Was Strong, Selfless, Positive, And Her Presence Lit Up Any Room She Entered. She Loved To Let People Around Her Know How Much She Loved them. She Always Assured Me That You Can Never Tell Someone “I Love You” Too Often. It Amazes Me How She Constantly Went Above And Beyond To Make Certain She Gave My Brother And I The Absolute Best Lives, No Matter What Sacrifices She Went Through In This Process.

if there was anything that my mom wanted from her life, she went out and made it happen.

Her Passing Can Be An Inspiration For Each Of Us To Take Advantage Of The Small Beautiful Things Life Has To Offer Every Day. My Mom’s Joy And True Happiness For Life Was Truly Remarkable.

I Know I Am Not Alone When I Say That She Will Be In My Heart Forever, But There Is A Hole In My Heart That Will Always Be There. I Am Not Sure How I Will Cope With Losing My Best Friend And Mother. I Do Know I Have Been My Mother’s Little Sidekick All Of My Life, And I Hope To Follow In Her Footsteps And Become A Strong Woman Who Can Face Traumatic Loss, Just Like She Would Want.

If I Did Not At Least Try To Find Something Positive To Come From My Dear Loving, Positive Mother’s Passing, Then I Would Not Be Her Daughter.

Thank you so so so much!!