What I Am Grateful For & Why You Need a Gratitude List

Creating a list of things I'm grateful for, or creating a Gratitude List;

has been a method I have applied the last few months to naturally, remind myself how lucky I am. Often, I quickly forget to simply be happy for the things I do have in life; due to my mind focusing on negative perspectives of what my life experiences should look like.

When I started becoming more thankful for what I presently have in my life, I slowly began to stop stressing about the things I don't have and started to focus my time towards the important stuff in life.


I am sharing my list of things I am grateful for to share my approach to gaining perspective and appreciating life a little more. This is commonly called a "gratitude list" (I usually like to write these down on in a journal I keep for myself on days I don't feel like making a list and just want to read a previous one.) I really believe there are so many benefits that come from practicing gratitude; I'll explain this a little more at the end of my list :)

I decided to write 21 things since my 21st Birthday is tonight at Midnight!

My Gratitude List

  1.  My Health
  2.  My Privileges
  3.  The Teachers & Professors I've had and learned from
  4.  My Family
  5.  My Puppy Teddy, and All of My Dogs at Home
  6.  All of my close friends
  7.  I Can Walk, Talk, Taste, Smell, Hear, Feel, and See
  8.  The Lessons I've learned in the Previous Years
  9.   Living in a Place Where I'm Able to Experience Multiple Seasons
  10. Lady Gaga's Newest Album "Joanne."
  11. My Opportunities
  12. Being Able to Travel
  13. Having Access to Read Virtually Anything I could Desire
  14. Bubble Baths
  15. All of my Belongings
  16. Still Having an Imagination
  17. Looking Back on things I've done that I never thought I would do
  18. I Am Still Able to Improve the Quality of My Life and Help Those Around Me
  19. Being Able to Turn Negatives into Positives
  20. My Guardian Angel that Keeps me Strong
  21. My Courage

I know that this might not seem like much; that it's such a small thing it couldn't really impact your life in any way. I can personally promise that if you start to REALLY appreciate the things you think are small in your life and remember that those little details are HUGE parts of someone else's daily happiness; you will begin to really understand how fortunate you are.

Anyone who has the convenience of reading this blog post is BLESSED and yet there are so many miserable people; that makes me sad. Which is why I challenge you to recognize the power of your mind and thoughts and start living each day with genuine gratitude.

If you have any methods/techniques/ways etc. to implement gratitude & appreciation into your daily life I would love to hear from you! That's all for now; thank you for reading! Xoxo,

Xoxo, Dominique