How to Gain and Maintain Motivation in Your Life

How You Can Gain Motivation Today 

How to Gain Motivation

Motivation is remarkably important to have, and at times it seems impossible to grasp.I struggled for awhile finding the drive to stick with a lot of things in my life. I viewed too many elements of my life as things I "had" to do whether it was school, a job, or applying to programs; I struggled to gain motivation.

Not to be too technical or sound smarter than I actually am, BUT I now understand more of what was happening. I wasn't seeking any internal motivation, I was living off of strictly external motivation and short-term results. And yeah, you can't just magically fix this overnight. However, I have and continue to learn the value of determining a healthy balance of external and internal motivating factors in my life.

In doing this, I have created this list with my best tips & tricks covering what everyone can do to gain and maintain the motivation they are lacking in whatever aspect of life, it doesn't matter this can apply to thousands of situations. 

Authentic Internal Motivation

Gaining motivation that comes from within yourself is much harder to earn as opposed to motivation that comes from external rewards. Outside rewards (like money) lose their value rather quickly compared to the rewards we get from internal objectives and desires. Finding real and genuine purpose in your daily actions can improve the level of internal motivation you possess.

Think About Motivation Every Single Day

Remind yourself why it is important to you to have that motivation. Whether your motivation is towards finishing college, working towards a promotion, moving on from a breakup, starting a business, etc., it's concentrated towards something for a reason. Don't lose track of what that underlying purpose and goal mean to you. 

Set Long-Term Goals

Set short-term goals as well. Short term goals are attractive because you can see the accomplishment shortly, but long-term goals are the type of targets you have to set to change your life and moreover follow your dreams. Don't overlook your long-term goals because of temporary things happening around you.

If You have Life Goals, You have Purpose

I always try to remember that I have to complete my short-term goals while working towards my long-term goals. My long-term goals are the goals that are concentrated on my dreams and my real life goals. Remembering this reminds me that I can't achieve my lifetime goals if I don't work through the short-term minor things life presents.

Ask Why?

If you lack motivation, try to understand yourself and figure out why, ask yourself, what's wrong? On a day you are feeling particularly motivated, try to understand where it's coming from and manipulate that feeling or emotion more often. Actions often reflect an individual's motivation level. When people do things because they love to do them, not because they have to, it makes life easier. Hence why it's essential to decide what it is that you love to do and if you aren't doing this you, ask yourself why.

Find a Role Model

Having a role model in your life that you can watch accomplish the things that you dream of, it can make an enormous impact on your level of motivation. I believe everyone can have role models at any age. Related: The Best Advice Anyone Has Ever Given Me

Reward Yourself

Recognize your successes and accomplishments. Don't let them go unnoticed, even if no one else notices. I think it's important to remember to not be so hard on yourself; this can do more damage than you presume.


These are all valuable and useful techniques to get your motivation levels up and keeping them there. Don't forget to subscribe to my email list to stay connected with Dominique! 

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I wanted to conclude this blog post with a quote that I admire and believe is relevant to these points.

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along. You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

What do you do to reach your desired level of motivation?

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