Makeup Products Worth All The Hype

 6 Makeup Products That Are Actually Worth All The

Hype (And the $$$$)

I have created a list of the some of the current trending makeup products that are actually worth all of the hype they get! Hint: you can click on the picture of a product to go to its website!

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I love when a product turns out to be as good as everyone hyped it up to be so I decided to share the products I think make the cut as being products worth the all of the money they cost~

The Six Products♥

  • The Urban Decay "All Nighter" Long Lasting Setting Spray is a life saver. This setting spray literally helps set your makeup for up to 16 hours. If you are already spending money on makeup, it just makes sense to have a setting spray that will actually help keep the makeup on your face! 
  • The Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade has done wonders for my nearly non-existent eyebrows. Before using this product I had only used an eyebrow pencil, I never knew what I was missing out on! This dip brow is fantastic!
  • The Chanel Pinceau Poudre Power Brush #1 is hands down the best makeup brush I have ever used./This brush can be used for applying powders and blending. My mom bought me this brush when I was just learning makeup and never blended my makeup in very well (my face was orange often), and I have never had issues achieving a naturally flawless look since.
  • The Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara delivers tons of volume and length to lashes, and the best part is that you only need one coat of the product to get the job completed! I love that this mascara helps separate each lash because I hate when my lashes get stuck together and I have to start over. The Better Than Sex Mascara is a popular product as well, but it's definitely worth its hype!
  • The Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit is extremely famous and for good reasons. This glow kit provides a broad range of colors that work for highlighting on all different types of skin tones during the winter and the summer. This product makes highlighting simple and beautiful.
  • The Urban Decay 'Naked 3' Palette was one of the first eyeshadow palettes I ever bought, and it is still one of my favorites! It is the perfect eyeshadow palette for daily natural pretty looks as well as more dramatic intense looks.

I will do an update on these makeup products as I try new items and find new makeup products that are actually worth the hype they get!

I hope you see something you are interested in trying.

I would love to hear about what products you believe are worth their hype! Or maybe some that are too hyped up for what they provide?

Thank you for reading as always,

XOXO Dominique

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Makeup Products Worth The Hype

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