3 Resources That Make College Life Easier

College Resources that can make Life more Simple

College can be tough no matter who you are or how intelligent you are. Achieving success during college doesn't happen just by simply acing exams.

I am all about finding new programs, resources, and ways to help simplify life during college. 

Here are the top three college resources I find the most efficient in assisting me to achieve success. These three college resources additionally help many of my classmates. This content uses referral links. 


I believe this college resource can make ANYONE'S life a little bit easier, even if you are not in college. Grammarly is essentially my personal proofreader and best friend. Grammarly helps SO much when my schedule is packed with loads of essays and assignments due at the same time.

This resource checks for grammar errors, spelling mistakes, etc. however, Grammarly goes way beyond what spell check does. Since using Grammarly, I am always confident in the papers I write. Grammarly's software also has a plagiarism checker. This can be beneficial in making sure credit is given in any essay/assignment when it is needed.

Grammarly provides synonym suggestions to make your writing more precise and readable; this helps when you have a ton of writing to get done in a short period.

Therefore, Grammarly can help people who are always sending emails send the best email possible. As a college student, I know Grammarly helps me out now and will continue to while I enter in my professional life.

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Chegg is my go-to website for a variety of my college needs. I love buying and renting e-textbooks through Chegg because I:

  • Save money
  • Am able hold all of my books on a single iPad while having access to them on my computer and phone

Check out Chegg's Textbook buying and rental program here: Chegg Books

You can even sell new or used books to Chegg which is an awesome way to earn some extra money during college! If you have any old textbooks laying around and not being used/sold, you are leaving money on the table.

Another way I use Chegg is for homework and study assistance.

For classes that are particularly hard, I am thankful for the homework solutions, resources, and help Chegg provides. This is what makes Chegg another one of my favorite college resources.

Try out Chegg's homework and study resources here: Chegg Study

and use the code CS25OFF15


Evernote can be accessed on your laptop, iPad, or phone which is a huge reason it can be helpful to students or professionals. Being able to sync my notes from my computer to my phone or iPad has certainly encouraged me to read and study my notes more often. Evernote additionally allows to me write an idea or thought down as soon as it pops into my head, so I don't forget it!

There is a feature that enables you to search through your notes quickly to locate what you are looking for quickly. This scenario is ideal for students when studying and not having to flip through a hundred sheets of paper. You can even set up reminders in Evernote.

There are alternatives to Evernote such as OneNote that some people prefer more, but overall Evernote is what I prefer to use to keep all of my thoughts, notes, and ideas all in one place yet still organized which is why it is one of my favorite college resources.

Try Evernote Here!

College is hard.

Despite that fact, college can unquestionably become manageable when you have a few go-to resources that you can count on to make life a little bit easier.

I urge all college students to find their most effective go-to helping resources.

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Share with me what college resources, programs, etc. assist you on your path to achieving success!

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