Five Simple Habits to Boost Your GPA

 boost your GPA

Time Management Skills 

Everyone can have their own ways and techniques when it comes to time management skills during college. But one thing is for sure, you must have a plan or schedule put in place to effectively manage your time during college. To boost your GPA, you must manage your time between all of your courses, job's, extracurricular activities, social life, etc. Procrastination is not your friend! I use a day planner strictly for school work and then use a planner on my phone/laptop for all other things. Everyone is different and has different ways that work best for them! But you've gotta find yours sooner rather than later!

Read your notes out-loud and before bed each night 

Just reading a little bit each night will make your life so much easier once it's time for final exams. Reading your notes out loud will also help you retain your class notes. Reading before you go to sleep each night actually helps you memorize and retain the information more long-term which is ideal for studying during college.


This one is huge, you have to actually be productive when you are studying otherwise there is no point! Getting rid of distractions can help you become more productive. Once you create a daily routine that revolves around productivity, college life becomes easier and it will help boost your GPA.

Get Organized 

And then STAY organized for good! Organization is so important during college. Each semester is different and presents different challenges so having a solid organization plan can help during transition periods. However, you must be able to adapt to new tasks and figure out how to organize new courses and their demands from semester to semester.

Some ways to get organized include:

    • Daily / Weekly / Monthly To do List's
    • Having a Day Planner,
    • Having Binders/Folders for each of your courses
    • Using Google Calendars or your Phone's Calendar

Here's an example of a planner that I love that's under $20.00! Don't let money be a reason that you don't have a planner.

Start Getting Motivated

If you have no motivation for college it's going to be pretty hard to do well in school. Choosing a major in an area that you truly enjoy is a great way to stay motivated during college. Setting goals short and long-term is a way that you can start getting motivated as well. Check out How to Gain and Maintain Motivation in Your Life for more ideas on how you can start gaining and maintaining motivation.

Share your tips for boosting your GPA below!